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If you are a denture wearer, you can certainly appreciate how much you depend on them in your day-to-day activities. You rely on them daily for social activities, eating, speaking, and smiling. Luckily, we offer many same-day services within our clinics such as denture repairs, relines, rebases and Teeth-in-a-Day. Our onsite-lab allows the denturist to work on these services for you ensuring timely and accurate results. We do not need to send your denture out to a lab, eliminating the “middle man” as well as, eliminating additional costs and travel time. This provides you with the best results in a very timely manner. The denturist you speak to and voice your concerns with is the professional working on your denture in the in-house lab. 

Did you know, broken or ill-fitting dentures do not necessarily need to be replaced? In fact, we can assess if you're a candidate for a reline, rebase or repair during your free consultation with us. Like your natural teeth, your dentures need care too! 

We allot time daily to same-day service appointments. If your denture has a crack or a tooth has broken off, contact us immediately and we can schedule you on the same day you call. We offer convenient same-day denture repairs in both Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Teeth in a Day

Our Teeth-in-a-Day is an implant-retained permanent denture bridge solution. A great alternative to immediate denture treatment that’s completed in just one day. Call us to schedule your free consultation to learn more about Teeth-in-a-Day.

Restore Your Oral Health

Visit our denture clinic in Niagara-on-the-Lake and Niagara Falls.

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