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We have been successfully offering implant-supported dentures in Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake for over 20 years. Dental Implants are the most preferred method of tooth replacement, simulating tooth roots and providing the strongest and most stable foundation for supporting full and partial dentures. The implants integrate with the bone to act as an anchor for the replacement teeth. Dental implants preserve the bone by providing stimulation that was previously provided by the natural tooth root system. This helps to maintain the integrity of your facial structure and is the closest possible replacement for natural teeth. Dental implants are made of titanium and provide years of dependable use and unparalleled comfort. They truly are the best way to restore your natural smile.

The overall benefits of dental implants include:

Improves oral health, ability to eat and properly taste foods again

Increases denture stability, security and comfort

Prevents bone loss and maintains the proper facial structure

Recovers the natural appearance and function of teeth

Osseointegration, the process of the jaw bone and implant growing together allowing your jaw bone to become stronger

Osseointegration, the process of the jaw bone and implant growing together allowing your jaw bone to become stronger

Reduces resorption of tissues

Your mouth is restored to a natural state, superior long-term aesthetics, enhancing the beauty of your natural smile and quality of life

The cost of these implants has become very affordable. Implants are a proven restoration option with a long, clinical history and an excellent success rate.

Many patients who have chosen implant-supported teeth report they are happy and comfortable for the first time since the loss of their natural teeth. There are a number of dental implant treatment options available that can help restore your mouth to a natural state. Call us to learn more and to enhance the beauty of your smile.


All on 4 was developed as a way to best restore the full arches of the upper and lower jaws. This treatment allows for a fixed full-arch prosthesis to be secured by as little as 4 implants placed on the same day. Implant-supported prosthetics on four or more implants produce the longest-lasting, most aesthetically satisfying solution available. This is the closest one can come to feeling like they once again have a full set of beautiful, natural teeth.

It is often referred to as the best solution for full-arch treatment. Here’s why:

Rapid improvement in the quality of life and patient satisfaction

Shorter treatment times

Improved function and the closest feeling to having natural teeth again

Non-removable solution

A durable solution with natural-looking replacement teeth

Allows you to eat the foods you want to eat with an improved sense of taste

Improvement in speech, aesthetics and self-esteem

When a full arch of your remaining natural teeth need to be extracted, Permanent Teeth In a Day can be a great treatment solution and an alternative to immediate dentures.


Did you know that inserting a dental implant is less painful than pulling a tooth? Whether you want to replace a single tooth or many missing teeth, we are here to help. Call us to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced, knowledgeable denturists. The options available for your specific needs will be explained and any questions you have will be answered. Did you know that patients with dental implants often tell us “I wish I had done this treatment sooner?”

Smile Like Never Before

Choose us for any of your denture needs, repairs, relines and rebases.

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